RIM and DCPD Tooling

Alliance Innovations, LLC has all factors of production needed for RIM and DCPD tooling in our Mansfield facility. Tight tolerance 5 axis CNC machining capability will ensure each and every mold is machined with exacting precision. Our CAM, CNC operators, and mold makers have decades of industry experience with match metal parting lines needed for RIM and DCPD molds. With multiple spotting presses available and several thermolators, each mold is carefully hand spotted at processing temperature. This ensures a precise cavity / core shut off each mold we manufacture.

Our urethane / RIM and DCPD molds touch many different market segments:

Heavy truck
Consumer goods

Dependent on product volume and our end customers desire to reduce post operations on the molded parts, Alliance Innovations, LLC can engineer part ejectors to assist operators and reduce demolding times. Should the molded parts require post drilling, pneumatic or hydraulicly operated core pins can be designed into the molds as well to reduce these post molding activities to reduce part manufacturing costs.

With respect to mold materials for RIM and DCPD tooling, Alliance Innovations, LLC manufactures cavity and core blocks from P20 steel, M1 aluminum billet, 5000 series aluminum billet, and also offers engineered aluminum sand castings for larger molds where aluminum billet may be cost prohibitive.

Alliance Innovation’s seasoned RIM / DCPD design and engineering team is glad to evaluate preliminary data and offers part design guidance to ensure intended designs are RIM and DCPD process friendly. Send us your part data to review and we will be in touch quickly to ensure your project is a mutual success.