Compression & Thermoforming

Alliance Innovations, LLC is well versed in compression and thermoforming for a variety of products. Our automotive experience for this process has bridged into many other markets that require accurate and on time delivery for CNC machined forming molds. Many of the compression and thermoforming molds cover the following commodities:

Dash Insulators
Carpet forming
Heat Shields
Load Floors
Hood Insulators
Package Trays
Wheel Arches and Wheel Liners

Mold materials vary dependent on molding pressures and material types. Many of the compression molds Alliance Innovations, LLC manufactures are CNC machined from aluminum sand castings, aluminum billet, or P20 steel. Steel molds have the best durability and longevity for molding materials that contain glass fiber or other abrasives. Each mold is gun drilled for temperature control and in some instances has a steam chamber to aid the forming process.

Alliance Innovations, LLC has all factors of production to provide post trim dies, water jet trim fixtures, and all ancillary gages that may be required for your project. Send us your files and a seasoned sales engineer will be in touch right away to put the optimum tool and gage package together for your program.

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